Prayer Ministry

How does it happen?

The prayer healing ministry begins with a phone call to Walking Free to book in and give a family history.

The client then purchases the workbook “Steps to Freedom in Christ” by Neil Anderson from Koorong Bookshop and works through the booklet at home. Some people need someone to help them because their pain of life is very difficult.

Then the client makes an appointment for face to face or phone ministry. We are also able to do ministry over Skype.

Many people need more than one appointment to work through all the areas of damage.

What is it all about?

The prayer healing ministry covers:

How do I know if I need prayer ministry?

There are things which can impact your life and can bring you to want ministry. These things can come from past generations or from your own experiences in life.

Some of these things are simple and some are more complicated.

You can call and speak to someone at Walking Free if you are unsure whether you need ministry.

What happens in a prayer ministry session?

The session typically begins with prayer, and ends with prayer.

There will be  two or more Walking Free  members  who  will go through the session with you.

What happens after?

There may be more ministry required after your session. Sometimes you may not know straight away that more ministry is required. God only gives us what we can handle in one day. At times you will know that ministry is not finished and that you will need another session.

The Walking Free team members will give you a series of prayers to pray to help settle in what has happened during the ministry. These prayers can also help you at times where situations trigger you.

You will be given information to help you work with what Jesus has done in you in the ministry.

Self talk is very important after you have had ministry. Your thinking will tend to return to the old way, especially in times of stress, and you will need to keep focussing on the changes Jesus has made in you through the ministry session.

Time with Jesus - You will need to put aside time after the ministry, in the following weeks, to have quiet time with Jesus, to allow Him to further work in you to complete what He has done in the ministry session. Keep your mind focussed by reading scripture and praising God for all that He has done and is doing in you, even when it doesn't feel like it. These are often the times where you really need to praise Him and keep your mind in His Word.