September 2015


In 1988 South Australia celebrated its 150th birthday. Liz had made period costumes with her friends and we dressed up and went to Kingscote for celebrations from our home at Meningie.

It was a good day but it turned horrible at the end. There was a children’s show near the foreshore with a small crowd watching. We placed our children at the front to get a good view. When the show was finished and the crowd had walked away, we went forward to collect our children. To our dismay, our daughter, Jessica, was not there.

We searched high and low for a good hour and a half but she was nowhere to be found. Everything bad was racing through our minds and prayers were sent heaven ward in our panic. What has happened to our girl? Was she taken? Will  we see her again.

Fortunately we found her. She decided that she did not like the show and just walked away!

Have you been in a desperate situation? Has something or someone valuable is threatened? Have you lost something and become desperate to find it. I “lost” my passport with only a month before I was supposed to get a visa to India and leave. I also found it but not before a pity party emerged from me and desperation entered my life.

The gospels are filled with people who find themselves in desperate situations. The disciples found themselves in a desperate situation (more than once) in a boat on the Sea of Galilee. People with severe health issues fill the gospel pages. These people were desperate and wanted help.

It seems that when life becomes desperate that we are willing to do anything. It is when life becomes desperate that we admit our shortcomings and look for help.

A lady with a blood issue was desperate (Mark 5:25-34)  Her condition was with her for 12 years. This condition had made her unclean according to the Law and she was not allowed to be close to anyone. Most of her time was to be spent away from people. She went to many doctors trying to find a cure but they were of no help. Now her money had gone and she was totally desperate for a cure.

She heard that Jesus was in town. She had heard all the stories about him and how he had helped people. But she was unclean; a nobody. What would anyone want to do with her?  Her condition had made her feel worthless and rejected.

But she was desperate. So she plucked up the courage to go where Jesus was. She hid her face in case anybody recognised. She quietly slipped in step with the crowd following Jesus. There were many surrounding him.

But she was desperate. So she muscled in through the crowd, saying if I can only touch his clothes, I will be healed. She got close enough to touch Jesus’ clothes. As soon as she touched his clothes from behind, Jesus felt power going from him and she was healed.

It is only when you get to that place of desperation that you would do anything to get what you are looking for.

It took a year of desperation before Liz was healed of all the cancers.

It is only when we are prepared to come to that place of desperation; place of desperate faith that doors open and life is turned around. It is only when we come to that place of desperation that we really reach out to Jesus and really, really, really trust Him. Before that we would rely upon our own resources and ourselves.

We need to recover a holy desperation in our living with Jesus and His presence in our lives. We need a new hunger for God in Christ. We can easily become lazy in our ways. Yes we may read the bible and go to church. And that is good. But we need a new hunger for Jesus to become more and more present in our lives.

Don’t wait for everything to go pear-shaped before you become desperate for Jesus.

Walking Free: A number of our clients have finished and are free people. M came to us as a late thirties woman who had lived under the control of her mother. She had health issues and life was not going well for her. She had taken the brave step to leave the family home a few months before we met her. Through our praying, Jesus healed her of her fears and mother’s control as well as bringing equilibrium in her body. She now has a Housing Trust flat, a church and friends and life is looking good.

Unfortunately, we still have some clients whose healing journey is slow. Part of the reason is that they need a closer relationship with Jesus where their trust grows despite the chaos that they find themselves in.

Our Albany mission was very successful. We had only one chaplain attend the Thursday night due to having a three day retreat that week. We had 25 people attend the Friday night session How to hear from God. We then had 22 people attend the seminar How to heal the sick. They were given skills to pray for the sick and many reported that this was a significant teaching and healing experience.


I preached in the Lighthouse Church which was using the Lockyer UCA hall. It is a small church like ours but with few financial resources. I was scheduled to preach at the Wesley UCA but the Local Preacher did not want to give up his spot. They have no minister.


I preached to 25-30 people for the healing service. 7 people came forward for prayer especially in the area of Arthritis in the hands.


On Monday and Tuesday prayed for people and I spoke to an extra person on the Tuesday afternoon late. There is now the possibility to go back for more teaching and equipping.

Teen Challenge: We were invited to do a day seminar with Teen Challenge at Norton Summit, SA. We had 18 people attend, 14 were male clients. We did the seminar Overcoming the Giants: Fear, rejection; worthlessness; defilement; hopelessness; shame; insecurity and deception.

My church provided morning tea and lunch for the seminar. Again God was good and many people were touched and saw some light shining into the darkness of their lives. The clients went to meetings from a visiting speaker and two men gave their lives to Jesus. The people felt that our visit opened the way for these men.

Facing Life’s Challenges will be held on Saturday October 17 at Hawthorn Uniting in SA. The focus will be on the challenges that we face as Christians: choices; complacency; compromise and control. We will look at some OT “heroes” to gain insight and help with these challenges.

Our team in Toowoomba has had a rest this month as people had gone away on holidays.

Our ministry with people has continued. We have picked up new clients from our trip to Albany and seminar at Teen Challenge. We are still doing 20+ clients per month.

I am attending a one day conference on Charities and Christian Ministries that are not for profit. I am getting up to speed re the governance issues that we may face.

Finances are also going well and we give thanks to God for this. We have a small buffer that is there if we need it.

Praise God for His provision.

  • Thank God for our visits to Albany, WA, and the new things that God has generated because of our visit.
  • Thank God for our work with Teen Challenge and the men who gave their lives to Jesus.
  • We pray for God’s direction and provision at Toowoomba. Thank Him for the clients that He is bringing.
  • Pray for our clients as they seek God’s freedom and healing for their lives.
  • Pray for the monthly prayer meeting on the first Thursday of each month and for those who come: Nena, Margaret, Lesley, Diana, Ann, Diana and Julie
  • Please pray for people at Toowoomba who have faithfully supported us: Hal and Debbie, Robyn and Jamie, Jenny, Stephanie, Desley,  and  Craig.

Hawthorn Church: We have had two new people coming because of our ministry to them through Walking Free. The winter cold and colds have stopped some of our older members from coming out


Praise God for the new people coming. Pray for the courage to embrace the new thing that God has for us. Pray for God’s help to write the new course.

Family Life continues to be a challenge as we support our children in their lives. Our two grandchildren are a blessing. Life remains busy and demanding as we balance God’s work with our lives.

Pray for our family that they continue to serve God and His Kingdom purposes.

India:  Life and the demands of ministry continue for our friends. Our pastors are seeing fruit for their ministry with some people becoming Christians and getting baptized. It is not an easy ministry but God continues to bless them

  • Pray for Pastor Devadas, Pastor CH and Rev Sambabu and their ministry amongst Hindu people.


Kenya: Pastor Isaac is organising a women’s conference in early October. His work is amongst locals and Muslim people continues to be fruitful.

  • Please pray for Pastor Isaac and his colleagues and their congregations that God will watch over them and grow their churches.

Thank you again for all our sponsors. We greatly appreciate your sacrifice and generosity to support Liz and I in this ministry.


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