John & Liz

John and Liz Lucas started Walking Free Renewing Ministries by the call of God in 2007.

John is an ordained minister in the Uniting Church. He has worked as a parish minister for 26 years in the country and the city in South Australia and Queensland.

In 1987 God called him into the healing ministry of Christ where he has ministered to many people in Australia. Over the years, he has developed a prayer process to bring God's healing to the damaged lives of people, especially those who have suffered through trauma and abuse.

He has trained others in this prayer process, so that more people can be helped and fellow Christians can experience the joy of working with Jesus and the Holy Spirit to set people free.

His purpose is to establish Walking Free Healing Centres around Australia and overseas.
He has given teaching seminars in many churches from all denominations in the areas of Prayer, Prophecy, Healing, Spiritual Warfare and the Holy Spirit.

He is a preacher and speaker, through whom God speaks, and heals in the lives of people.

Liz is his wife of 32 years. She is a midwife and has nursed for 20 years. In 1998 her life was changed with the diagnosis of an aggressive uterine cancer followed by lung cancer and a brain tumour. Through the prayers of many, God healed her and she now seeks to proclaim His healing power through her work for Walking Free.

Liz is the Prayer ministry Administrator. She is the first person that you talk to when you inquire about Walking Free. She organizes the prayer ministry for Walking Free each month.

John and Liz have three adult children; Naomi, Jessica and David.

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